Saturday, May 28, 2005

Satellites and Loons.

I am "Up North" and this is the first time Claudia and I have been here since the closing of the ski hills. How nice it is despite weather that seems more early than late springlike.

We arrived late (an impromptu sidetrip to Eagle River happened). Everyone at the cabin was up yet and we sat down and talked. I had the customary welcome rumplemeister with my Dad (Barnabas lost patience and had his earlier) and then unloaded the car. Later on, Barnabas and I went out for a late night cigar. The skies were crystal clear and the skies here contain *MANY* more stars than the skies at home.

As we talked on the deck we would occasionally hear two loons cry. A haunting sound to be sure, but it is one that tells you are someplace special. Looking up at the sky I saw a satellite. It is nothing special anymore to see a satellite but just another one of those signs that tell us where we are.

Yesterday on the way up the roads were not too bad. The traffic leading out of Appleton was heavy. We did not get on HWY 47 the normal way and hence it was difficult. Traffic was backed up for about 2-1/4 miles outside of Black Creek going through the 47-54 intersection. Also just north of Suring where HWY R ties into HWY 32 (Red Arrow) the traffic was backed up trying to get onto 32 but it was not too bad. From there it was fine.

HWY 32 (Red Arrow) is worth a photo blog soon!