Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tammy Bruce Takes on Chait.

Jonathan Chait is a writer for The New Republic a leftist magazine of opinion.

Apparently Mr. Chait is concerned our President exercises.

Tammy Bruce notes
Chait finds the fact that the president makes time to exercise "astonishing." He then notes: "My guess is that Bush associates exercise with discipline. ... The notion of a connection between physical and mental potency is, of course, silly. ..."

Really? Not according to the medical establishment and the surgeon general's office, which notes the benefits of exercise. Such as? Better sleep, reduced tension and stress, reduction of high blood pressure, reduction of anxiety and depression, reduced risk of colon and breast cancer, healthy bones, muscles and joints, improved self-image, and generally improved physical health.
Source: Tammy Bruce - The Increasingly Ugly Left

Here are some facts about myself. When I am working out regularly I am more organized, more ambitious, am able to resist certain bad habits more resolutely, and find I am capable of doing more. When I am not working out the TV has a bigger draw for me, I do not sleep as well, sleep in more often and longer, and generally fall into other bad habits.

There is a growing call in our society to regulate fast-food, to sue fast-food, to blame others for our lack of health. The same side that advocates driving fast-food out of business then turns around and screams when the President leads by example on healthy living. So, once again you are to take no initiative, no action on your own. Just sit by oh ignorant ones, us smart people from the left will take care of your every whim.

Tammy then points out some Chait ignorance.

Chait tries to assert his point about the "silliness" of connecting exercise with mental acuity by arguing, "Consider all the perfectly toned airheads in Hollywood - or perhaps, even the president himself." The last time I checked, most actresses in Hollywood are emaciated, they are not "perfectly toned." There is a difference between being thin and being healthy - a distinction lost on Chait and Hollywood in general.
Source: Tammy Bruce - The Increasingly Ugly Left

You really have to read the whole article. Tammy does a very nice job of connecting the silly Chait comments to general attitude of the left. From the slovenly Michael Moore, to those desperately needing dentistry and haircare at a NOW Convention. She even takes on the critic who heaped scorn upon John Robert's family because they were neat & clean when on TV the other night.

I tell ya!

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