Monday, July 25, 2005

Nearly an Eight-Ball!

Found in today's Appleton Post Crescent.

Letters: Plame leak another administration betrayal

John Bittman writes in the July 17 Post-Crescent about the "appalling ... feeding frenzy aimed at the president" over the exposure of CIA agent Valerie Plame and speculates whether the source may actually have been "someone close to Ms Plame, such as her husband?"

Unfortunately, the facts don't support this at all; conservative reporter Robert Novak, who first mentioned Ms. Plame in public, cites two un-named officials in the White House as the source of his information.

Funny, how it was not Robert Novak who was threatened with jail by the special prosecutor. Only, those who can be characterized as hostile to the Bush Administration have either refused to cooperate with the special prosecutor or threatened to.

Mr Bittman's "interesting" speculation therefore doesn't even begin to sound plausible.

By casting the Plame affair in terms of partisan bickering, Bittman and others attempt to distract attention from the real issues.

No, "partisan bickering" is exactly what it is. The left thinks it has a case to damage the President and is going full out with it. Very simple. Question, why is Judy Miller in jail? I very much want to know who she is protecting.

First, somebody in the White House - maybe not Rove - appears to have committed a felony by exposing Ms. Plame's identity as a CIA operative.

Second, this act appears to have been done to discredit information critical of the Bush administration's push to invade Iraq - information that ultimately turned out to be correct (Iraq had no active WMD program).

Apparently the writer is in the dark about the statute in play here. None of its terms appear to be met. Second, Ole Joe himself is the discredited one. He claimed he went to Niger on behalf of the Vice President. No such thing happened, he went at the insistence of.... yes his wife a CIA analyst.

Third, the war in Iraq was started on false pretenses, and more than 1,700 American troops have died as a result, with thousands more injured and uncounted thousands of Iraqi civilians killed or injured.

The American people deserve to learn the truth behind this sordid affair. All the desperate hand-waving by the administration and its supporters only continues the betrayal of the trust the American people put in the Bush administration after the 9-11 attacks.

John Thompson,

Only leftists like you Mr. Thompson think there is anything behind Ole Joe's hyperventilating fantasies of frogmarching.

The war did not start on false pretenses, Saddam was in direct violations of the cease fire from '91. Joe's report bolstered the claim that Saddam's cronies were in the Niger looking for yellow cake (in any event it hardly sounds like sitting around a pool drinking sweet mint tea and talking with government officials is a real serious investigation).

It all comes down the NYT's Judy Miller. I can not help but to think she is covering someone's butt that would really blow this open and demonstrate once for all what a piddling goofy affair this really is. Come on Judy, Karl signed a waiver of confidentiality, lets hear how evil Karl did it all. Or was it someone else?