Sunday, July 17, 2005

Terminator Doctor.

Have your heard of this? A soldier in Iraq catches lead in the chest, his vest stops the bullet but the impact knocks him down. He gets up and then when the terrorists are captured what does he do? Turban Durbin (and many other leftists) might assume the soldier then kicks the living snot out of the terrorist, but that would be wrong!

He cuffs him and TREATS THE TERRORIST'S WOUNDS! The guy who was trying to kill PFC. STEPHEN TSCHIDERER winds up being treated by PFC. STEPHEN TSCHIDERER! Somehow I think that part is missing from Nazi/Communist How to Treat the Enemy Handbook.

See LGF for the details and Michelle Malkin also details the story.

The real cool part is the terrorists were videotaping. You can hear the camera guy coaching the gunman and then everything is set for camera and the gunman squeezes his round off to a chorus of "Allahu Akbar!" Apparently, the film then shows the soldier getting knocked down and surprises the snot out of the terrorist types when he gets back up. Unfortunately it is WMV format so this Windows Rejectionist is SOL on seeing the film clip.