Friday, July 15, 2005

The Evening.

I was going to blog some more on the USS Wilson and its commander who yells, damnn the truth, full speed ahead! But I will not the developments are not too major and in any event it is being well covered at bigger blogs than this.

We checked out a new eatery in town today. Fusion. We arrived shortly after their opening and were seated promptly. It was a very unusual setup. The front of the restaurant was a glass overhead garage door. They had two tables outside of that door and many on the inside. It was predominantly a dark read with white highlights as far as the color theme goes.

We were seated and the water was poured and the waiter shortly came with menus and a bottle of pinot grigio. He offered us a sample. Since I have been off of my meds for a couple of days now I took the offer. Claudia did not as she drinks next to nothing when it comes to alcoholic drinks. It was a good wine. So, I ordered a ginentonic and resolved to have a glass of the pinot grigio with my dinner which dictated (Friday too).

I ordered a seafood stuffed haddock, Claudia a tilapia fillet with (I can not remember the exact details on it) a light brown sauce. In addition we ordered an appetizer of mussels with some sort of garlicy sauce, bits of vegetables, an pasta. The appetizer was excellent!

Next came the soup and salad. I ordered a house salad and Claudia a bowl of the lobster bisque. The salad came dressed with a raspberry vinaigrette and did not contain a speck of iceberg lettuce! It had different sorts of greens and some clementine slices and some walnut pieces. It was very good but a little bit on the light side. The lobster bisque was good and would recommend it.

Then after another ginnentonic dinner was served. The haddock was good, IIRC it was stuffed with other seafoods and had a bacony flavor at times. It was covered with a cheese sauce, I enjoyed it greatly. The sides was serving of "Island rice" which was a combination of wild rice with some other type of rice lightly seasoned and topped with mango slices and they served a helping of freshly cooked beans.

I tried a bit of the tilapia and that was good too but did not have enough to really write about it.

They offered free valet parking (we arrived to early to avail ourselves of that) and opened the garage door. No, the tables outside of the garage door do not count as outdoors if you want to light up (they do not seat people at those seats unless the door is open) and the door opening is not as spetacular (but our waiter said it is more reliable) than opening the roof at Miller Park.

Overall my impression was that Fusion is an incredible value. Yes, it is certainly more expensive than McDonalds but not so expensive as Appleton's The Seasons and the food and atmosphere was on par with The Seasons.