Thursday, August 18, 2005

#61's Strawmen are Pretty Good Too!

I was listening to Michael Savage tonight. Even though I have stated I do not like him that much and can not be too disagreeable with Bernard Goldberg's assessment of him I do listen when it is convenient (unlike other talk shows I seek out and will go out of my way for).

Anyway he was in his usual mood. He was talking about Bernard Goldberg tonight. I guess one can not blame him as Bernard tagged him the 61st most dangerous person in America. Savage said something along the lines of that Bernard is mad at him because he makes more money than Bernard. That is a strawman that rivals those built by Joe Wilson and Co. Hey Michael if it was a money thing then why isn't Bill Gates on the list?

He then went on to build another fine strawman by attacking those right-wing talk show hosts who are saying Cindy Sheehan should be arrested or has no right to protest. One caller asked which show hosts were calling for this and Michael did not name any. He should consider merging with Wilson & Co.