Saturday, September 17, 2005

Follow Up On Airiheadia's SUV.

Doug From Upland was the man who tipped off Michelle Malkin and let the world know the Sierra Club sends SUVs to get their guests comments on Blogger Beer!

Thanks for stopping by Blogger Beer, Doug from Upland. Over at Free Republic Doug From Upland publishes a complete report of the going ons at this conference. As you expect energy opulence is not eschewed by anyone. Misleading characterizations are abundant.

For example:
they had a brochure about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that they want to save...the pictures had animals, trees, and plants...what they didn't say is that the very miniscule amount of land on which they want to drill to extract oil is a great big freaking sheet of ice...just plain ice...there is nothing is good for ice skating and oil drilling
Source: BWAHAHAHAHA - Sierra Club Summit in San Francisco: Gore in an Escalade, Arianna in a Suburban DFU reporting from the scene | 9-11-05 | DFU

AlGae in an Escalade? Airheadia in a Suburban? Airheadia claims to own a Honda Prius, hmmmmm, maybe she uses when it not in chartered jets and limousines, you think?