Friday, September 16, 2005

This is Self Defense?

Many of you know about the Chai Soua Vang trial in Sawyer County Wisconsin.

Chai is using self-defense as his defense but I tell you what has come out to date does not even come close to backing up justifiable self-defense.

There was a gang of eight hunters who confronted Vang for trespassing. Six of them were killed by Vang. Some of these people were shot in the back, one victim was shot after running 500 feet. Among the eight victims there was only one gun and the man with that gun describes having to get it off of his shoulder and was himself shot before he use it.

The defense teams talks about the gang of eight using slurs against him and claims they shot first.

First, the slurs. Did they call him names? Probably, but that is no defense this is something parents teach their children. Sticks and stones, right?

The second claim is that the gang of eight shot first. This is a more legitimate defense than the first but what I have heard so far does not indicate this is valid either. The testimony and everything I have heard indicates the gang of eight did not shoot first. In any event self-defense does not give a person carte-blanche. One person may have been fair game for a self-defense action the man with the gun.

Chai Vang needs to be sent away.