Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The President's Comments Yesterday.

Will certainly not quiet his critics. However, they are much more adult than his critics and certainly more adult than Nagin, Landrieu, Blanco et al.

Most people realize the true scale of what happened in NOLA and the surrounding area and realize that those in Government do not have a magic wand to make things better in a snap.

Now go back to yesterday's post about the speed of the response. What is different between this and the other hurricanes referred to? While the Federal government has changed administrations over the course of time the people, policies and procedures in FEMA are largely the same. What is different is the State & Local governments.

It was the state governmnet that turned away the Red Cross. It was the city that left dozens of busses to be ruined instead of using them. It was the city that rejected a rumored offer of help by Amtrack, it was the state & local that turned down offers of assistance from Florida.

The left pounced very quickly this time.