Friday, September 09, 2005

The Sioux Fall's Brewery: A Review.

Greetings & Felicitations Blogger Beer reader.

Yes, a restaraunt review already! We are on vacation and away in Sioux Falls SD visiting Augustus and Adria and their new family member Judia. Last night we went to the Sioux Falls Brewery.

YABPR: Yet Another BrewPub Restaraunt

Augustus threw three choices at us for dinner last night. I am always up for a brewpub so that was it. The Sioux Falls Brewery is located downtown Sioux Falls in what Augustus believes to be an old brewery, how appropriate. The building indeed have all the properties one would expect of an old mill type building. Inside the main barroom and dining room was huge and with the sparse crowd it seemed even bigger. It seems the owners are into 60's music as the specials board was done up in pshycadelic colors & style. Also, the name of their red ale Grateful Red tipped it off. Too bad I left my bootlegs in our car.

Scenery and Ambiance

The ambiance was fine but seemede geared towards a more rock-n-roll crowd, not a knock just a fact. The scenery outside the windows was downtown typical parking lots, streets, and buildings. Though the buildings in the area were worth looking at.

The Bar

I ordered a beer to start off with. You guesseed it the The Grateful Red. It was good. I ordered a cabarnet with my dinner and that too was good. Overall the bar appeared unremarkable but adequate.

The Wait

With us being about the only people in the joint we did not have to wait long for anything.

The Food

The salad was pathetic! Limp pieces of iceberg lettuce with a couple of cucumber and tomato slices. It gave me cause for concern. However, when the entrees came out I was surprised. I ordered their steak and shrimp dish. The steak was prepared to my specification, was sufficiently tender and tasty, and had a wonderful spice package, fresh cracked pepper (which lingered in my mouth for sometime) and other spices was just right. The shrimp was good too, it was breaded in some sort of coconut batter and the cocktail sauce had some real zing to it. In addition the meal included vegetables and a potatoe. The vegetables made up for the poor salad and the potatoe (mine was baked) was a—potatoe. I tried Claudia's fish and thought the sauce was overwhelming, don't order the fish with the dill sauce.

In Short (order)

  • The view: 3/5 (0 is looking at a stockyard)

  • The ambiance: 3/5 (0 being stud walls)

  • The menu: 2.5/5 (0 being "you get what I give you")

  • The food: 3/5 (the salad holds this rating back & 0 being irish sausages)

  • The service: 4/5 (0 being you have to wash your dishes)

  • Overall: 3/5 I would like to visit this place again. This time bringing my own music!

Overall, I enjoyed the night there the food was on the whole good. If you ever find yourself in Sioux Falls I recomend stopping there. The lack of people was not due to the food but Augustus indicates to me it is more of a cultural thing. Go to this restaraunt you will not regret it!