Thursday, September 15, 2005

Right vs. Wrong Not Rich vs. Poor or Big vs. Small.

One of the general themes and indeed specific questions asked of Judge Roberts is if he would stand up for the small guy. That question or general philosophy assumes (or ignores all together) the small guy is always right and the big guy is always wrong. What nonsense.

In the end I hope our fine leftist senators understand this point. I think they just might; I have a hard time believing they would excuse a poor guy who brutally murders a wealthy family (but then again...). In the end I think their objective was to get Judge Roberts to say something like he did. They can then run around and quote Judge Roberts out of context saying he is against the little guy.

Please tell me Senator Schumer (IIRC it was him who posed the question) tell me you don't believe it is always right to fight for the little guy?