Saturday, October 22, 2005


Is it possible for President Bush to adequately fund any leftist favored program?

I ran across this at Dummocrats the top ten reasons Kris wish Kerry would have won the election. A good laugh and of course some leftist stumbled onto it and left their own top ten list.

Let's save some money on those dikes -- uh, whoops -- but "Brownie's doing a heck of a job"
Source: ThatAlsoWouldBeMe's Comment

Ummm, there have been many reports that President Bush was sending much more money than President Clinton to Louisiana to take care of these problems. However Louisiana and New Orleans decided to spend the money is their concern and fault.

It got me to thinking. You ever notice how the left complains about how President Bush is too stingy? I wish the President would realize no amount of lavish spending on the left's projects will buy them off. President Bush could allocate every bit of wealth our nation possesses to education and the Teacher's Industrial Complex (TIC) and Teddy Kennedy would still be complaining how No Child Left Behind is underfunded.

Of course some of these same leftists then turn around and talk about fiscal restraint. Of course, they are just farting in the wind, but the Republican Party as a whole can not claim to be the champions of fiscal responsibility.

President Bush, catch a clue and veto the next pork laden bill to cross your desk and shame on the Republican controlled Senate for shooting down Tom Coburn's (R-OK) amendments to divert pork spending to reconstruction spending. Hats off to those 13 & 15 senators who voted for fiscal repsonsibility (Senator Russ Feingold D-WI is included in that list, way to go for a change Senator Feingold!).