Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Java Jive.

Not what you think.

Some years ago at this website I have along with my ISP I created a java applet. The java applet animates the Grateful Dead bumper sticker with the Dancing Bears. It was cool, and I very quickly thought up some improvements but, I that has always been low on my list of to dos.

Well, I need a project to motivate myself to learn the programming language and I am dusting off the dancing bears project. I am having to reacquaint myself with the basics of the language and I have a real neat development environment to help myself along.

Again as then, the real time consuming part is the artwork. I found a high quality image of the bears from which to make the needed images.

Here are the improvements.

  1. I will use eight steps instead of five.

  2. Each color of bear will have its own thread and each will run independently of the other.

  3. Will consider adding speed controls.

  4. Will consider adding a tune.