Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Report from Iraq.

Many supporters of the Iraq war complain about how the Mainstream Mastadon's do not cover the situation in Iraq fairly. They cite the MSM's bomb du jour stories as the only thing we hear from Iraq.

If you have an internet connection this need not be. Read Michael Yon's blog. He doesn't update too often, maybe once per week but it is good.

His latest dispatch is based on the latest Iraqi election. There is a distinct difference from that dispatch and some of his others, notably the distinct lack of action, its very boring theme (bored not complacent)which is a good thing!

The Minnesota National Guardsmen, who might have been in pitched combat if this were January, were lounging about in lawn chairs, wearing full kit, ready to fight if the Iraqis needed help. But no calls were coming. Apparently the only help anyone needed was for lunch delivery.
Source: Michael Yon - Purple Fingers

The whole atmosphere of the blog is along those lines and one thing is apparent the Iraqi Army and Police are coming up to standards. Remember to fight a unit has to supply as well as fight as a team. Getting what you need, in the amount you need, in the place you need, at the time you need it is never easy even in peaceful situations (the inability to get logistics right nearly put KMart out of business).

Michael makes many comments throughout his more recent blogs about how the Iraqi Army is brave and fighting.

BTW, I just blogrolled Michael Yon's site.