Friday, November 18, 2005

He Said What? Where?

I heard of Bill Clinton bad mouthing the Iraq effort and knew he was doing it overseas but I just found out exactly where he did it.

Bill Clinton p!$$e$ on the troops in a place near enough to almost literally p!$$ on the troops. Dubai. Apparently his little stunt was pulled off at the American University of Dubai (AUD). I have a friend (are we still friends Mr. John?) who teaches in Dubai but IIRC it is at the Higher Colleges and not at the AUD.

Funny, in trying to dig up this story on the web I saw quotes from Madeline Allbright essentially saying Clinton is the first Arab American president as well. Well, Ms. Allbright I was in the Middle East during his and your time in office. Let me tell you, he was not all that popular. Recall at that time you and your colleagues in the Clinton Administration talked tough about Iraq and occasionally got rough with Iraq. I also recall reading many letters to the editors denouncing you and the rest of your Zionist colleagues.

Oh, what is it about Bill Clinton and being overseas?