Friday, November 18, 2005

Another Day.

See those two key letter? A & D?

Little Green Footballs brings up the Able Danger case again.

I want to reiterate my thoughts on Able Danger. I do not see it as the big deal many make it out to be.

Remember the case is that the AD team using huge amounts of computing power and open data (i.e. data available upon request, that is data that is not private) and came up with a list of people who fit a terrorist profile. Mohd Atta was supposedly on the Able Danger list as were other members of the 9/11-19. There is quite a bit of intrigue going on in this case with those wanting to bring full light upon Able Danger and others who want it kept in the dark.

If all they had was a list of potential terrorists then Able Danger is not that big of a deal. Reports were airline passenger screening software tapped about half of the 9/11-19 for further scrutiny prior to boarding. If they are not going to be questioned in that context why does anyone think there will be action taken against someone if a computer program run turns up names?