Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Not A Secret.

Michelle Malkin passes on how Harry Reid supposedly leaked classified intelligence.

Well, I do believe Harry Reid not be very bright and he is eminently worthy of criticism but this is not a case where he should be criticized.

In fact this is all very frustrating as I reported this very story a LONG ago.

One of 45,000? Osama Bin Laden Dead in Quake? published on October 20, 2005.

Note I say:
Yes, I agree with the Mr. Hoffman's assessment, we will never know. Absent a capture or him being killed by one of our guys, Mr. Bin Laden is likely to die a quiet and anonymous death. This is hardly unprecedented remember the Israelis put in a lot of effort to track down and arrest Josef Mengele but he too died an old man's death. We are not out to "impeach" Bin Laden we are out to end what he started, Al-Qaida started with him but does not end with him.
Source: Blogger Beer - One of 45,000? Osama Bin Laden Dead in Quake?

Now, the source of my information was the Daily Times an English paper from Pakistan. Heap it on Harry for many reasons but not for talking about OBL being dead in the quake. Even I knew the story and was on top of it by more than a month now.