Sunday, November 27, 2005

Our Policies.

The left is quick to blame terrorism on their reaction to our policies. Those who support the war on terror and the President's approach generally will say no it is not due to our policies but due to our love of liberty.

Well, the left is right. Our policies are designed around our love of liberty and the terrorists policies are designed in opposition to liberty. We need to turn this argument against the left.

Israel. How many Jews are in the Palestinian Authority? Hahaha. How many Arabs are in the Kennesset? While I can not recall (and am not going to dig up the answer now) exactly I do recall there being a dozen or so. As a Palestinian once noted calling Yasser Arafat a pig within earshot of a PA policeman or soldier would have landed him in a PA jail being beaten. Calling Ariel Sharon a pig to an Israeli soldier would have gotten a comment along the lines "Yeah, so go tell him yourself".

Surely, the judge who is threatened by a criminal whine how it is the fault of our policies that bring the threat on?

The Japanese attacked us due to our policies against their aggression in China.