Thursday, November 24, 2005

The UNternet.

It appears that for now the UN has ceased its attempt to wrest control of the Internet from the United States non-controlling control.

Folks, this is to be resisted with all our might. The Internet's magic and wonder is its wild and wooly ways. The problem for the UN is these wild and wooly ways upset the rabble that is the UN. Some of the loudest voices in trying to turn the Internet into the UNternet (I came up with this term independently from others but I am not the only one using the term in this fashion) are governments like Saudia Arabia, China, Iran, etc.

Its bad enough these nations monopolize Internet access and therefore are already in a powerful position to control Internet access in their nations but now they want to emplace policies that cause harm to the Internet as a whole?

We need to make sure control of the Internet stays in its current state away from the dictating hands of petty tyrants who want to shut down sites that say bad things about them.
One of the reasons the Internet has been so successful is that it has so far escaped the restraints of Filipino judges, Tunisian government officials and United Nations bureaucrats. Addresses which are published onto the root servers can be resolved and their content displayed, subject to the restrictions of their publishers. The United States, by refusing to regulate the Internet, has occupied the position of an information central banker maintaining the coin of the realm. If lower court Filipino judges and assorted bureaucrats get their way, the pathways of the Internet will be subject to bureaucratic gatekeeping, conducted in the name of "governance". But the proper word would be debasement.
Source: The Belmont Club - The Freedom of the Seas
Indeed and what is going on is an attempt to counterfeit those coins.