Sunday, November 20, 2005

Zoinks! Is Zarqawi Assuming Room Temperature?

A little visit to OSM led me to go to Iraq The Model.

Zarqawi probably killed!
According to these two sources, Iraqi and US military forces in Mosul think that Zarqawi, al-Qaeda leader in Iraq was possibly killed in a raid on a house where members of al-Qaeda were holding a meeting.
Al-Mada paper said that terrorists hiding in a house fired back at American and Iraqi troops that were surrounding the house in a battle that lasted from dawn to noon on Saturday (Jerusalem Post said it was Sunday)`after receiving intelligence about a meeting for senior al-Qaeda members.
Source: Iraq The Model - Zarqawi probably killed!
Wait and see, wait and see.

Will it stop the insurgency? In the short-term it will not, in the medium to long terms this remains to be seen. The structures Zarqawi setup should be able to stand without their head for sometime but if they can not find anyone as capable as Zarqawi to take over then decay will set in.

Sometimes too much emphasis is put on a leader. However, we must not over-counter by then deemphasizing the need for competent leadership.

Also, the Al-Qaida group of terrorists are only one of three groups.