Thursday, March 23, 2006


Reminds me,
In India as the British were taking charge, a Major was watching a funeral.
The dead man, atop the pyre which was about to be set ablaze.
The Major noticed a bound woman being led to a post and secured, next to the body. The Brit asked the the [sic] Raj what as happening.
"In our Culture, we kill the widow when the husband dies." replayed [sic] the Raj.
"I see," replyed [sic] the Major "in my Culture, we hang men that kill widows."

Needless to say the old woman was released.
Source: Desert Rat's Commentary in response to The Belmont Club's blog: Before the dawn
Yesterday I commented on what we expected in the very possible death sentence of an Afghani convert to Christianity. The above comment got me to thinking about the situation.

In that blog I never gave a definite stand I was taking but it should have been obvious to which way I was leaning. Desert Rat's comment has pushed that lean over the other way.