Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Stephen Hayes and the Saddam Files.

HTs to Wretchard and to Pajamas Media's IRAQFiles.

Was Saddam supporting terror? Yes he was. It is well known he supported the families of Palestinian suicide bombers and notorious terrorists were being sheltered in Iraq. Stephen Hayes from The Weekly Standard looks at documents detailing Iraq's support of the notorious Abu Sayyaf a Philippino Islamo-Terrorist group.
These documents add to the growing body of evidence confirming the Iraqi regime's longtime support for terrorism abroad. The first of them, a series of memos from the spring of 2001, shows that the Iraqi Intelligence Service funded Abu Sayyaf, despite the reservations of some IIS officials. The second, an internal Iraqi Intelligence memo on the relationships between the IIS and Saudi opposition groups, records that Osama bin Laden requested Iraqi cooperation on terrorism and propaganda and that in January 1997 the Iraqi regime was eager to continue its relationship with bin Laden. The third, a September 15, 2001, report from an Iraqi Intelligence source in Afghanistan, contains speculation about the relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda and the likely U.S. response to it.
Source: The Weekly Standard - Saddam's Philippines Terror Connection (And other revelations from the Iraqi regime files.) by Stephen Hayes

Saddam supported terrorism don't let anyone get away with saying otherwise.