Monday, March 20, 2006


It is only Astronomical Spring

It is still meteorlogical winter up north, but there is little winter left. There was a lot of snow yet and was a hoot to ski on.


Spotted in a Reader's Digest. They whined about how OWI is on the rise. Well, duh! The threshold for OWI keeps getting lowered, of course, the rate of people OWI is going to rise. Wonder what will happen when the definition of OWI is looking at a bottle of beer within 24 hours of driving a car. What will MADD want then?


That is me! Hehehe, Saturday and Sunday were both sunny days and I was out skiing in the sun until they told us no more rides up the hill. I did not apply any sunscreen and at this time of the year one should. Well, it would have been much worse had we been out West. I am not burned badly but am definitely red in the face!