Thursday, April 13, 2006

Censor Central.

Last night on Comedy Central they had the riveting final episode of their two part series on the Mohd cartoons.

South Park has had a rough time of late. Namely all the problems they have run into with the Scientologists and now the Mohammedans.

A refresher. South Park had an episode last season ripping on scientology. Isaac Hayes the voice of the character chef himself a scientologist didn't like it and complained just recently before its replay. Furthermore, John Travolta and particularly Tom Cruise did not like the episode as well. Now, Tom Cruise was going to host some event on Comedy Central and threatened Comedy Central he would not host the event if the episode aired (the episode in question poked a huge amount of fun at Tom). So, Comedy Central caved and withdrew the replay of the episode in question.

Now, with the Mohd cartoon controversy South Park came up with a two part series on the matter. Apparently Family Guy was going to air an episode with Mohd in it. Well, the people of South Park wanted show the world they were not going to watch the episode by literally burying their heads in sand until after the episode aired. A couple of the boys went to the Fox HQ to try to get the episode pulled, one because he just hated the show the other because he thought it insensitive. Along the way Kyle uncovered Eric's motives and decided free speech was important and was going to stop Cartmann from getting the episode pulled.

Anyway in the end the episode airs and – the appearance of Mohd is censored and the screen notified the audience that the censoring of Mohd was not the doing of South Park's creators but Comedy Central.

What follows next really outlines the rank cowardice of Comedy Central and those who censor the Mohd cartoons. Film footage of Al Zawahiri and Bin Laden appear both livid about the family guy episode and tell us to watch for their vengeance. A film from Zawahiri-Bin Laden studio appears and President Bush, Jesus and others appear on screen and defecate all over each other.

I have not heard any explanation of this from Comedy Central but anything other than rank cowardice is not to be believed.

4/13/2006 11:23am CDT
Steven Spruiell confirms, the decision to censor the image of Mohd was made by Comedy Central.