Tuesday, April 11, 2006


The current debate on immigration is actually two separate issues rolled up into one. I have to hand it to the pro-immigration crowd on being able to eliminate the border between the two issues in this debate, but they have a lot of experience at eliminating borders.

Anyway. The two issues are border security and what to do with the large numbers of illegal immigrants already in this nation.

Border security is important. We need to establish border security before we can talk about what to do with those already present in the USA. I don't know if a fence is appropriate or not but we need to get serious about stopping the flow of illegal immigrants from entering the nation. People often say we need to penalize those who employ illegal immigrants, hah! That has been on the books for a long time and I saw a reference to a General Accounting Office report only three businesses have been prosecuted for hiring illegal workers, forget it will not happen.

Border security also means preventing infiltration into the USA by those who mean to do us harm. Here I talk about terrorist and criminal types.

Now, what do we do with the large number of illegal immigrants already here? We get them their papers. Does anyone really think we are going to round up all 12 or so million of them and send them back? Get real! Heck if we were serious about doing that then wouldn't we be rounding up the protestors and sending those illegal back?

However, without border security then regularizing the immigrants already here would do nothing but to solve the problem. Without border security in 20 years we will be here again debating what to do about the 30 million illegal aliens.

In the end nothing will be done. The Democrats don't have a majority and the Republicans are split on the issue. Nothing will happen until something serious happens to this nation as a result of the insecure border (even then it is unlikely).