Friday, April 07, 2006

Criticizing The International Herald Tribune..

aka The New York Times.

Over at his blog, Manuel Quezon III takes take note of an editorial published in the International Herald Tribune and it essentially takes a very strong stand against President (of the Philippines) Gloria Arroyo Macapagal. Since I am getting quite a few visits from my commentary on Manuel's blog I expand here.

First off, for the benefit of my readers I noted the NYT was the employer of Jayson Blair who as long as he fit their ideological purposes gave not a rip about the veracity of his writing, that is the NYT places the pursuit of their ideological goals above reporting facts. A lot of the commentators over at Manuel's blog forget that or say so what?

Okay, the piece as written looks to get the facts correct. PGMA's presidency has been rocked by scandal some of it I am sure is real, but not sure about all of it. I also think a few things need to be seen in a larger light.

PGMA is refusing to step down from office voluntarily. The opposition's attempts to remove her by constitutional means came to naught as well (by fair or foul, I am not arguing that here). So what does that leave the situation at? Well, People Power for one, but all attempts to get the people revved up also have come to naught (perhaps the opposition needs to allocate more funds to crowd purchase or perhaps the people are sick of it) so where does this leave the opposition?

COUP. Where does a coup lead to? One of two things and neither is as good as the current situation. A rightwing dictatorship (the likely outcome aka military dictatorship) or a leftwing dictatorship (unlikely aka an NPA dictatorship), neither of which will be good for the opposition, the economy, and most importantly the people of the Philippines. Both are likely to be as corrupt if not more so than the current administration and more draconian.

Yes, one point by the editorial a point frequently raised by DJB Rizalist is well taken, PGMA's weakness brought on by the corruption benefits the bad guys of Jemmah Islamiyah and Abu Sayyaf but how does it hurt them to have the military and the NPA fighting each other over possession of Malacañang?

I still don't trust the NYT and I consider it to be more than a teeny-tiny spot on pristine white shirt.