Thursday, April 06, 2006

No News is too Good.

Many point out when a Republican administration good news about the state of the nation gets scarce, not because of a lack of good news but because it gets ignored. Rush Limbaugh elaborates even further.

When the good news is so obvious the MSM must report on it (again, when a Republican administration is in charge) the MSM searches far and wide until it finds a dark side. Al-Reuters demonstrates this very phenomena
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - If a high-fat cholesterol-laden snack doesn't trigger a heart attack, then a healthy economy just might.

The risk of a fatal heart attack rises when the U.S. economy strengthens and increases further if macroeconomic conditions remain robust over the next several years, according to a study published last month.

The death rate rises in the year the economy expands and grows further if the lower rate of joblessness is maintained, Christopher Ruhm wrote in his study.

A 1 percentage point drop in unemployment is estimated to raise mortality by 1.3 percent or 2,515 additional deaths per year from heart attacks, the study showed. The mortality rate is similar for males and females.
Source: Reuters - Strong economy equals more heart attacks: study (Nancy Waitz)
I tell you, the moment a Dem gets into the Whitehouse there will not be a hint of bad news from the MSM.

I keep bringing up this story. Back in the summer of 1992 all sorts of stories about the awful economy kept rolling out. It was practically breadlines in the streets again. However, NPR (much to their credit) did a story on the stories. They concluded the MSM was not accurately reporting on the economy; the MSM was making the economy seem worse than it was. They wondered why that was? DUH! President George HW Bush was running for re-election against Bill Clinton, if the MSM would have reported on the good economy it would have ruined Bill Clinton's "It's the economy" line.

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