Friday, April 21, 2006

Here We Go Again.

Apparently Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury is meeting from time to time, in fact they met this morning. What does that mean? It means the moonbats are getting all atwitter about the possibility of more indictments of Bush Administration officials.

Now, again I caution both pro and anti indictment folks to hold onto their expectations over this we don't know what the grand jury sees and does not see despite what the likes of Lawrence O'Donnell and Al Franken (their sources were so wrong before) says. However, it appears the left is once again is winding itself up again. I just read a blog pointed out Pajamas and the blogger and the commentators start off by assuming guilt.

Hearken back to last fall and the Cox and Forkum cartoon with the donkey under the "Fitzmas" tree braying how it wanted an "Indicted Rove" doll instead of the "Indicted Libby" doll. They are still braying. In fact, I think what is happening one lefty blogger states he thinks X is true and the next one misses the "thinks" and goes with X as a fact and so on. I think the left wants this so bad they often blur fact with their desires. Kinda like the guy who while lined up to buy the lottery ticket is already planning a budget with his winnings. It seems so real.