Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ang Balita.

A couple of stories worthy of note.

The first from the The Philippine Weekly (Year 22, Issue No 03 April 14, 2006). On page 58 there is a story where Capt. Geardo Gambala one of the leaders of the failed 2003 Oakwood mutiny testifies the NPA approached them about an allegiance to oust President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. I am skeptical of it, the left and right are not coordinating at all if they did then the confrontation at Fort Bonafacio a couple of months ago would have been bigger.

Another weekly reports on developments in the Leandro Aragoncillo spy case. Recall the Philippino ex-Marine who while working for the FBI leaked classified dirt to deposed President Estrada of the Philippines (aka Erap). Estrada was given notice by the court in which this case is being prosecuted that phone calls between him and Aragoncillo were tapped and recorded. I do recall the story noting no charges against Erap are being considered. I bet PGMA is hoping charges do arise soon.