Friday, May 05, 2006

Holy Marauding Marsupials!

From time to time I indulge my vanity and see how many other blogs link to Blogger Beer. The number was growing steadily and slowly, slow but solid. Well, I just had a huge growth spurt.

I just bopped on over to the Ecosystem to see how my ranking is doing and The Ecosystem says 173 links. However, this is leap to the Marauding Marsupial stage right out of Flappy Bird and over adorable rodent. At first, I thought this was because of a bug the number is about 100 more than when I last checked. Well, then I clicked on show all linkers and wow, it is real!

Yesterday I left a note at At Captain Ed's about the 101st Fighting Keyboardists and how I came up with that exact same concept over two months ago. Well, as it turns out he spotted the comment and read the blog and enrolled me in the 101st Fighting Keyboardists and that is where the extra 100 or so links comes from! He didn't let the comment publish but he did put me on the 101st Fighting Keyboardist blogroll.

BTW here is my blog from a couple of months ago saying the 101st Fighting Keyboardists is no epithet, essentially proudly proclaiming my membership in such an organization.

Of course, I prefer individual links placed into blogs by the individual bloggers rather than distributed blogrolls, but what the hey!