Thursday, May 04, 2006

Net Neutrality.

Yesterday at the BBA I went into the details of net neutrality. Go there to find out what it is.

The tenor of the blog though is one of opposition. Owen at Boots and Sabers takes up the discussion. His blog does a lot to assure me about a lack of net neutrality.

A commentator then notes it isn't so much of type of traffic but source. That is, if a service provider X (e.g. Yahoo, AOL etc) pays network company Y (eg SBC, TDS Metrocom etc) Z dollars than X gets priority over Y's networks.

A few other thoughts give me a lot less worry. First bandwidth is extremely cheap and plentiful there is plenty to go around. I am not likely to pay a network provider for Blogger Beer and I am quite sure my readers will not notice a significant degradation in response time due to a lack of net neutrality. Of course there is always the free market thoughts and the ability of the internet to morph into bigger and better things.

What would the Internet be like if 10 years ago Congress decided this new world wide web thing was going to upset people's access to archie and placed restrictions on the WWW?

Stay tuned.