Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Richard Cohen Redux.

Yesterday I commented on Richard Cohen's discover of the krazy Kos kiddies. Very shortly thereafter a lefty left a leftist comment in response.

The lefty's comment was not really about Richard Cohen's discovery of the krazy Kos kiddies but rehashed how Colbert gave President Bush a well deserved lashing and how the comedy in Colbert's schtick was that of the humor found in Caddyshack for instance. The clueless arrogant getting their due. So we get movie ctriticism to try and distract all from the vilenss of the krazy Kos kiddies.

Whatever. However, that argument is old news and Mr. Cohen's point was not to revisit Colbert's bullying humor but the response he received when he criticized Mr. Colbert. To revisit the original humor is sleight of hand, trying to change the subject.

Remember lefty, Richard Cohen is no fan of President Bush or the conservative movement, he is a leftist. He wants to see Democrats win office and leftist policies rule the land. His point is that the vitriol that is now the public face of the left is bound to turn the centrist voter off. The center voter who may not much care for the popular perception of GOP policies is going to see the krazy Kos kiddies hate and vitriol and decide the lesser of two evils is the GOP.

Essentially the reaction Richard Cohen received is one that indicates an intolerance of dissent. Hmmmmm, how ironic.