Friday, July 07, 2006

Here We Go Again.

Like a bunch of heroin junkies griping and whining about high gas prices.

Conspiracy theories abound aplenty. "Oh, gas was 99 cents when Clinton was in office", the economies of Southeast Asia and East Asia were depressed too at the time did Clinton cause that? Of course it isn't our fault, its the SUV's fault. So, the SUV of its own free will guzzles gas? Right.

Hehehehe. I have this picture in my head of a guy whining about the gas prices while pumping an Excursion full of gas and then filling up a boat and four 4x4s.

We have no right to gasoline. It is something that must be earned.

Here are some more wieners:
*Oh if we drill in ANWAR the oil will not be used in the USA.
>Duh, there is a worldwide market for oil, still it will increase the supply

*We oughta ban futures trading and speculation
>Sure how are we going to do that? Oil trading is an international business. Even if we were in a position to do that as a society that believes in free markets it would be wrong.

*We oughta develop an alternative fuel.
>Such work is being done and is more complicated than waving a magic wand or clicking your heals together and wishing it so.

*Those greedy oil companies are gouging us.
>It is commonly held the profit on gas is like 10% hardly gouging. There is probably much more profit in the cheap sunglasses you wear.

*I now have to make a choice between going somewhere and purchasing items X.
>Sigh, such is life we always make those choices.