Monday, June 26, 2006

No Right to Know.

What is the New York Times thinking? Have they given into the dark side of hate for President Bush, they ware willing to endanger our and their security to spite the President?

The New York Times found out about various programs. Yes, a few of them they have a debatable case but nothing I have read even suggests in the slightest there is doubt about the properness of scouring international monetary transactions for signs of terrorist activity. Our right to know is nothing more than the editors indulging their sophomoric inability to keep things that should be kept under wraps, under wraps.

Many years ago we went fishing with a cousin, my uncle, and my father. After we finished we went to McDonald's and were instructed to keep quite about our little stop at Mickey-Ds. Hehehe, after we got back home our cousin asked her brothers and sisters were we all went. My cousin was probably 10 years old or less, what excuse does the NYT have?