Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Kiss the Frog with Fire.

There is an interesting analogy from nature that can be applied to Hezzbollah in Lebanon.

There is a parasite out there that has multiple hosts. A heron, a snail, and a frog. The parasite starts its cycle in the heron and works it way to snails. From the snails it finds tadpoles and does an interesting thing. It causes the infected tadpole to develop malformed legs as it transforms from tadpole into a frog. Hence you get frogs with multiple legs, short useless legs, missing legs, and other variations on the messed up leg theme.

Why? Because the parasite needs to work its way back into the gut of a heron so it engineers crippled frogs that are easy prey for herons.

Same goes for the current situation with Lebanon. Lebanon is infected with the parasite of radical Islamism and it is mutating Lebanon to cause Israel to attack it thereby making Lebanon more prone to takeover by Hezzbollah and radical Islamists.

Ironically what is the cure? Hezzbollah admits is underestimated the Israeli response, half-... responses the kind Israel usually engaged in were what they were hoping for. Another bombing of a Hezzbollah safehouse, another film crew filming healthy children being rushed to the hospital and the world once again lambastes Israel.

In order for Lebanon to excise the parasite it must be cooked clean. That is the once the frog of Lebanon is kissed by the fire it will turn into the prince it once was.