Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Robert Fisk (yes the same guy whose name has come to mean to rebut stupid writing) can not see the difference between a nation and a group of brigands.

He says, Hezbollah is no different from Israel. You see, Hezzbollah's missiles may come from Tehran or Damascus but Israel's come from the US. So you see Hezzbollah == Israel, qed.

Actually, all it shows is how morally blind Mr. Fisk is.

If for example the KKK obtained missiles (or a guy like Timothy McVeigh obtained a huge truckful of explosives) then does the KKK become a nation? Does the KKK (or Timothy McVeigh) then have license to wreak havoc on agencies trying to reign them in? Quite simply put having weapons may give one the ability to defend oneself from attack (and no matter what one thinks of Hamas and Hezbollah they are not going to roll over and let Israel wreak havoc on their ability to wage war on Israel) but it does not give a nation the moral authority to use them.

As Wretchard notes: Hating one's enemies is sometimes a sign of character. Betraying one's friends is always a sign of its lack.