Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Democracy Mistake

Many on the left and my fellows on the right mistake the popular choice of government with the justice of that government. The election is not key the governing philosophy is.

Hitler was elected to his job, did that make him a good guy? I know the election thing was early on and then he usurped powers but still the point holds.

Many will say we really don't uphold democracy because of our opposition to Hamas and to a certain extent our sitting on our hands on the Israeli vs. Hezbolalah conflict. They say Lebanon is a democracy and therefore we should have come to its defense and/or not allowed it to be attacked by Israel.

Of course, Israel was not attack Lebanon they were attacking Hezbolalah and the Hezbolalah support structures. However, I have much more faith in Israeli democracy than Lebanese, especially when the Lebanese version is infected with the fascists parasite of Iran sponsored Hezbolalah. Hamas has the same problem.

It isn't the manner which a government gets into power its the way they act. Is it in the Palestinian's interest to destroy Israel? It certainly seems that way but we all know what would happen. Israel would be gone Palestine would wallow in its misery and then they would lash out at someone else.

Sometime ago I commented on a debate about this between Daniel Pipes and Marc Reuel Garrecht. At the time I was leaning towards Marc's view, but I am beginning to come around to Daniel Pipes view of this situation. Democracy must be built on a foundation built of self-chosen virtue and liberal belief, without it you have little more than an angry mob.

The most interesting comment that was uttered came from Marc. It but it went something like this: There can not be a Thomas Jefferson without a Martin Luther. Marc hopes the Islamic Martin Luther shows up soon and also believes it will not be quite as bad for the House of Islam as it was for Christianity and Germany when Martin Luther came onto the scene.
Source: Blogger Beer - Pipes vs. Gerecht
Mr. Gerrecht's sentiments actually lend support to Pipe's position, until the Islamic Martin Luther appears there will be no Islamic Thomas Jefferson and no liberal Islamic democracy, that is no democracy worth its ballots.