Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Value of Blood.

Wretchard looks into the idea the West does not hold Islamic blood as very dear.

Wretchard looks into the state of things and notes it isn't the killed that matters as much as the killers. He focuses in on the conflict on Sri Lanka:
What's going is a demonstration of the principle that complaints are rarely lodged against those who are feared. Feared not for their power but for their brutality: such as the LTTE. Suicide bombs do not scare them: Tigers were suicide bombing before Islamic militants copied the tactic. In fact, the Tigers killed the former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi with a prototype suicide vest carried by a woman in 1991. The Tigers are impervious to op-eds in the New York Times and speeches at the UN. Law does not affect them. The International Criminal Court would not dare to serve a summons on them. Therefore the LTTE will remain blameless, whatever outrages it may commit against Muslims. In contrast the Danes cannot even publish a caricature of Mohammed in a Danish newspaper without bringing down the wrath of the entire Muslim world and half the flagship newspapers of the West upon them. The difference between the Tigers and the Danes is you fear the one and buy canned ham from the other. The difference between correctness and political correctness is that the former blames who it must and the latter blames who it can.
Source: The Belmont Club - The Blame Game
Same thing in Iraq at the moment. The terrorists and rejectionists kill many more than the Coalition forces but who is labeled as the needless murderer?

As Wretchard's blog points out US & Western forces listen to criticism and will not retaliate with mortal force to those who criticize them. However, with others this is not the case. As the bloggers at Iraq the Model once noted criticism of Moqtada Al-Sadr can be a very dangerous to one's life, and it didn't take Moqtada's knowledge just one of his followers to hear the criticism and the follower just might...kill. It takes bravery to criticize let alone stop such a foe whereas the cost of criticizing the West is much less.