Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Martyr The Islamic Way Vs. The Christian Way.

Martyring the Islamic way vs. the Christian way.

If you are a Christian you may be martyred walking from a hospital to your room. Walking back after a hard day of serving Muslim vicitms of violence perpetrated by Muslims.

If you are a Muslim you may be martyred exploding yourself in a pizza restaurant killing other Muslims and if lucky some Christians and Jews.

Make me a channel of your peace.
Where there is hatred let me bring your
Where there is injury, your pardon, Lord
And where there's doubt, true faith in

Oh, Master grant that I may never seek
So much to be consoled as to console
To be understood as to understand
To be loved as to love with all my soul.

Make me a channel of your peace
Where there's despair in life, let me bring
Where there is darkness, only light
And where there's sadness, ever joy.


Make me a channel of your peace
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned
In giving to all men that we receive
And in dying that we're born to eternal

Source - Make Me a Channel - Christian Lyrics

Whose song is the one above?