Sunday, November 19, 2006

Madison Matters.

Back to Madison in the morning. The Empress and I spent the evening cooking, we did a stir fry with an adobo variant sauce. Adobo is a Filipino sauce consisting of soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, and garlic. Of course the exact proportions of each vary to taste and of course cooks add their own special ingredients.

Usually, my adobo is 1:2:3 soy:sherry:vinegar and I went with those proportions tonight, but instead of using white vinegar I used balsamic vinegar. What a wonderful treat it was, the smell was as sour as ever (The Empress complains the adobo I make is sour, but that's the way I am, also the sherry is non-standard), but the taste was excellent, not as sour as the smell. That was dinner and will probably serve me lunch and dinner for tomorrow.

The next cooking project was breakfast centered. We cooked buttermilk whole-wheat blueberry pancakes. We made a 2x batch from the recipe, some for myself, some for the Empress. I'll have to buy some juice and maple syrup (the real stuff gummit all) however with a Woodmans nearby that is no problem.

WCPE is playing some medieval/middle-ages music. I am trying to tear myself away and will have too soon.

I hate to wish my life away, but the end of this assignment can not come too soon. I hope one of those resumes I have out there hits paydirt.

Good night and thanks for reading.