Thursday, November 23, 2006

Paleotarianism & LiberLeftarianism

A common caricature of Conservatives is their unconcern for others. The idea we all make decisions and we should be left to ourselves to reap the rewards or penalties those decisions accrue. Of course, this is also a strong undercurrent in libertarian thought.

I am beginning to see those undercurrents more strongly in two areas of conservative thought. Paleoconservatism and in libertarianism. However, selfishness is a strong component of those lines of thought.

I know there are rich libertarians, I wonder how popular the philosophy is among the poor? Certainly libertarianism is not absent among the poor but I have a hard time imagining it is rampant. After all, it is much easier to say I want the government and others to leave me alone when you are wealthy.

In addition when it comes to foreign policy I loathe the idea the paleocons along with the leftists may get their way before it is really decided. Yes, I am talking about retreat, waving the white flag, surrender in Iraq. The Paleos want out and are perfectly willing to betray the Iraqis who want a more democratic and liberal society.

I believe those who want to abandon our friends in Iraq will end up in Cocytus.

This applies to trade as well. The Paleos and many on the left (however in general I see the left as about as decided on trade as the right) oppose foreign trade and want to close our borders to much trade. Yes, they often decorate their positions with the ornament of fair trade. At least leftists compensate by wanting more international welfare.

However they are both wrong.

In general I see the neocons as more concerned about the liberty and welfare of others than Paleoconservatives and many on the left.