Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Iraq Updates

The left is clamoring and making noise that sounds very much similar to stay the course with regards to Iraq.

It sounds like the gloves may be coming off. I did not watch the speech tonight so I am working on the speculation I read prior the speech and a summarys found in National Review Online's the Corner.

On Admission of Failures

Hmmm. I would like to have believed the administration has been frank with itself on these things. Perhaps it has and all of what we are seeing is finally one side of the internal debate won.

On Increased Soldiers in Iraq

Good. In the past I have been skeptical of such a move but have come around, especially now certain other steps are to be taken.

On The Other Steps

I am glad it sounds as if the rules of engagement are going to be lightened up. No matter what our soldiers do the likes of John Kerry, Howard Dean et al are going to call them terrorists and insult them (to be mimicked by Al Qaida), might as well do what is right and loosen the rules of engagement.

On Laying Down the Law With Iraq

We do not have infinite resources or patience. Iraqi leaders have to be made to understand that. Right now political conditions are not ripe for much more work in Iraq. However, I believe if things do not start to progress soon then after 2008 we will leave Iraq. Then in some years afterward will return and unfortunately events will be such that we have enough resolve to return and finsih the job.

On Laying Down the Law With Iraq

The militias have to be dealt with. Part of the reason the militias came up was due to the general lawlessness. The criminal elements had to be dealt with and the Iraqi government was unable to deal with and our forces did not want to deal with it. The locals then started to take the law into their own hands. Remember, not too long before the invasion Saddam emptied out his jails. It sounds like major components of this last push are aimed at increasing the physical and material security of the oridinary Baghdadi, this will be a help. Lets hope its not too little or too late.

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