Friday, January 05, 2007

Way Interesting But Not A Surprise

Michael J. Totten has been trekking the hotspots of the world. In a recent post he says:
Six Arab governments – Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, and Tunisia – say they will pursue nuclear weapons programs now because Iran’s atomic bombs need to be countered. None of these Arab countries sought nuclear weapons to offset those acquired by Israel. They fear and loathe the Shia of Lebanon and Iran (and most likely Iraq, as well) more than they worry about the Zionists regardless of what they may say.
Source: Michael J. Totten – "It's Like a Phish Concert for Terrorists"

Wow! However, his observation is obvious to myself: here is a listing of my blogs that refer to nuclear. You will find a couple noting how it is likely Saudi already has its own nuclear weapon(s). Just because Iran is Islamic doesn't mean they like the Gulf Arabs and in fact it does not take much research to turn up simmering conflicts between Iran & The Gulf Arab States (of course Iran is happy to just talk about it).