Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hindi! Nein! Nyet! La! No! Siguro?

Rep. Sheldon Wasserman (D-Milwaukee) is proposing DNA sampling of those charged with a felony.

Of course:
If the person is not convicted of the felony, they can request that their DNA sample be expunged from the database, unless the sample is required by law to be maintained in connection with an unrelated conviction or charge.
Source: Press Release

I do not trust the government to handle this data properly. Yeah yeah it can be expunged from the record after a person is (if they are) aquitted (I do not buy it). What happens if the person is aquitted of the originally charged crime, but then charges are pinned on them from another crime?

Yeah, I would like to get criminals off of the street, but who can doubt a person in the situation I describe above is not going to find a way to claim their rights were violated?

One question. Let us say Person X is arrested for murder. In the course of the trial DNA is collected and used by either the prosecution or the defense. In the event of acquital on the murder charge what happens with the DNA sample?

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