Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Amok Time

There is a Star Trek (original series) episode where the highly disciplined, rational,and emotionless Spock goes completely irrational, emotional, and loses all discipline. Why did Spock go amok? I am not a big fan of Rod Stewart (rumor has it Sucrets is going to sponsor his next tour) but he has a song called Passion

Even the president needs passion
Everybody I know needs some passion
Some people die and kill for passion
Nobody admits they need passion
Some people are scared of passion
Yeah passion
Source: LyricsFreak – Rod Stewart 's Passion

Even a space shuttle pilot needs passion. Most of us need passion every bit as much but we have learned to curb the beast in us. What happened to Lisa Marie Nowak? Who knows what caused her beast to break its chains but broke its chains Lisa's beast did.

I lack the eloquence of the Bard my guess is he had something to say about this and all I can muster is to say it is a reminder that no matter how educated, how accomplished we are we all share a common humanity.

No matter how much progress we think humanity makes the basics remain the same.

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