Monday, January 22, 2007

Blue Monday

Much ado about Blue today.

However, we here have a legitimate cause for the blues. A sister-in-law I met just a week or so ago from a year ago is grave and is not expected to be with us for too much longer. She is the oldest of my wife's siblings which number 12 all together (my wife is the second youngest) and was bed ridden from a stroke sometime ago. Her mind was still sharp but recently from what The Empress can tell another stroke set in and this time much more serious.

About a year ago when we were there the same thing happened. One of her brothers passed away from a stroke that occured before we went to the Philippines and he passed away the day we arrived in Cebu.

We do not usually ask out [of life], but then again we never ask in either, it just happens. However no amount of philosophical pondering, rationalization, or whatnot eases the pain such a parting causes. Please remember our Ate in your prayers. Thanks.

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