Thursday, February 08, 2007

See Nancy's Fancy New Jet

Nancy Pelosi is telling us peons to cut our CO2 emissions. However, for her she wants a nice big jet all to herself and her clan back and forth from San Francisco to the Washington DC.

Now, of course she is a national leader and as such deserves such perks but I do not believe she deserves more than her predecessor? Nor, does she deserve free rides for what would be more people than many businesses employ.

What is real interesting is how this new found power went to their heads so quickly. John Murtha is talking like he is the commander in chief and can order the Pentagon around.

Still there is hilarity to be found. The Washington Times reports the following amendment to an environmental bill is going to be presented:
"The Congress also finds that in order to lessen United States dependence on foreign sources of petroleum, and decrease demand for petroleum in aircraft, such as passenger planes with 42 business-class seats capable of transcontinental flights, the nation must diversify its fuel supply for aircraft to include domestically produced alternative fuels,"
Source: The Washington Times – Pelosi defends request for jet (Rowan Scarborough & Charles Hurt)