Thursday, September 06, 2007

What is Ex-(moonb)Atty General Clark Up To?

What do Slobodon Milosovic, Saddam Huessein, and now Jose Maria Sison have in common? Whatever it is DJB Rizalist is taking an interest in Ramsey Clark's latest effort:
Following his arrest on suspicion of ordering the murders of his former comrades (Arturo Tabara and Romulo Kintanar) CPP-NPA founder Jose Maria Sison has been indicted by a Dutch Court in The Hague, Netherlands and sent to pre-trial detention and custody for fourteen days.
Source: Philippine Commentary – Jose Maria Sison Indicted on Suspicion of Murder by Dutch Court (DJB Rizalist)
Look who wants to defend him:
Former US attorney general turned human rights lawyer Ramsey Clark has offered legal assistance to detained Communist Party of the Philippines founding chairman Jose Ma. Sison.

As this developed, Luis Jalandoni, National Democratic Front peace panel chair, said Sunday the Dutch government was "maltreating" Sison despite flimsy evidence, and allowing itself to be used by the Arroyo administration “like a horse pulling a cart."
Source: GMA News TV – Ex-US atty general Ramsey wants to defend Joma Sison
Wow! I like the part about the Netherlands accused of being used by PGMA. I would wager the Netherland government was turning a blind eye to Sison's activities from the start, but Sison's activities came to be so blatant they could no longer be ignored.

I doubt Sison is being treated badly.

Ramsey Clark as is noted wants to defend Sison. No one is going to believe the Netherlanders are treating Sison poorly nor and charges the Philippines forced the Netherlands into arresting Sison will stick like oil on teflon. Clark is bound to another futile (and worthless if Sison is your friend then you are a reprehensible person) cause. Is there no one or no cause Ramsey Clark will not support? Oh yeah, those in the name of liberty.

Here is to hope Ramsey Clark gets a hat-trick!

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