Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Ruthlessness of Side Not-Us

Quite often I hear partisans state how they wish their side can be as ruthless as their opponents. Well, if a movement wants to live and compete it has to be as ruthless as their opponents.

I do not think the Left is any more or less ruthless than the Right. I would attribute the attitude as one of either the grass is greener on the other side of the fence or the belief that ones ... smells like perfume. Quite simply, I do not believe it. Seems to me both sides play and fight to win the political game.

If side Not-Us does not fight as effectively or as viscously as side Us then side Not-Us will be side Not-Existent.

I do grant to you though the partisan sides express themselves differently. It seems the left is in constant vulgar primal scream mode. Funny thing is, the stereotype of the American tourist is a guy walking around who thinks if they talk loud enough people who do not understand English will all of a sudden pick it up a stereotype that fits the Left as well. If they scream their case loudly and profanely enough it will convince people to think like them. Loudness and vulgarity are not signs of sincerity, truth, and conviction.

I started working on this post a couple of days ago. Since I started this post this was posted at Kos Kid: We're Not Vicious Enough. I will not excerpt the post or the rant Charles passes onto us, but this is definitely case of our ca-ca doesn't stink-stink. Admittedly, Our-Side is no shrinking violet when it comes to the political fight, but the point is if the Krazy Kos Kiddies (aka Barking Moonbats) think they are nice and refined wow!

I would suggest too, the difference in perception is one side's press is not as good as the other. Karl Rove is treated as Lucipher by the MSM and James Carville is barely mentioned.