Monday, October 22, 2007

The Ever Expanding Suburbs

Owen at Boots and Sabers notices a controversy in Pewaukee. The story essentially comes down to subdivision dwellers outside of official city limits who are uncomfortable with the non-city activities carried out in their neighborhood. It is one activity in particular that is the focus here and that is hunting. However, in general I think it is quite fair to extend that discomfort other non-city types of activities. Farming is one of those activities.

Everyone idealizes farming country, but lets face it having a herd of 30+ cows near you means sounds and smells. Now, I grew up in farm country and am not at all bothered by the smells of the country, but I can imagine how many people are.

However, the issue of concern is not annoying smells but hunting. I hunt when I have the time for it, which of the last few years has been very fleeting. However, I hunt in the national forest up in northern Wisconsin not on the periphery of subdivisionsville.

I can not help but understand why people are concerned about hunting close to their homes. From my recollections it sounds like the nearest hunting land is well away from the subdivision. However, it seems these sub-divisions are more city than anything else and in any event eventually a city will expand its borders.

Sad because that expansion results in the loss of wildlife habitat as well as hunting grounds.